The world is changing dramatically and right before our eyes. The various protestations, judgements, accusations, and endless sanctions, of those in the reigning paradigm—governments, pundits, businesspeople, the legacy mainstream media—are bereft of history, facts, credulity, and, unfortunately, common sense. These protestations are their swan songs. No doubt, there is a collective realization, that their power—the ability to set the world’s agenda, to destroy, genocide, coerce, blackmail, steal, and to print money without end—is over. A kharmic denouement to greed run amok across Western capitals, who for over five hundred years ruled with an iron-fist, in a stacked, zero-sum game. The West now sinks beneath a blood red sea of illicit finance, as a direct result of a criminal lack of intelligence and leadership and imagination and courage. The role of Mammon has been played, this time round, as ever, by the world’s richest families, oligarchs, and captains of industry. The five hundred year rein and its perpetual wars, its serial genocides, and the theft of trillions of dollars, comes now to a dramatic and crashing end—The Shift. Trump, May, Macron, and Merkel, etc., each a pale apparition to former leaders within their respective nation-states, fiddle away, whilst marching in lock-step to the rumbling fall of 21st Century Western Imperial Civilization.


It is a Shift, that has been experienced countless times across millennia, but no such shift, previous to this one, has stood life, entire—humanity, animal, plant, everything, on a razor’s edge, above nuclear annihilation, environmental catastrophe, and paradigm failure/repudiation. And with Western sycophants, fools, ideologues, and the psycho-socially deranged  in ‘charge’ or, more accurately, beholden, the possibilities of escaping unscathed would appear to be a rapidly-diminishing, finite quantity. At least, we at The Journal Veritas hope not!


And so rises the East?

The Editor