Mission statement


Our mission is to discard hate, in all of its forms, to discard the various socio-political paradigms, that seek to divide and conquer and thus pit one faction against another to the detriment of all, whilst privileging a tiny minority (the 1%). Left, Right, Center, Alt-Right, Alt Left, Libertarian, Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, etc., etc. are little more than cynical devices, name tags, badges—yellow stars, pink triangles, etc.—conceived to take from you and yours, life, liberty, happiness, and the truth. For without the truth, life is false, an illusion built on deceit, fake science, fake news, and a tsunami of propaganda. They, this small minority, would have you look in the wrong direction, while stealing any and everything, that you hold dear. 

This then is our mission statement. Truth, empowerment, a clearing away of false narratives, labels, that humanity, the one people, who occupies this one planet, may finally know our collective truth—we are family, but, of course, dysfunctional in the extreme! It is our belief, that this one thing will reverse much of the collective socio-emotional psychosis, which plaques the world and human interaction, as even the concept of race is a diabolical social construct—fake news. 

Further, our mission is to bring articles to bear, that ‘show’ the world, as it moves away from its five hundred year rein of hyper-brutality and destruction, serial genocides, herculean impoverishment, and unparalleled theft, to one which embraces, at its core, peace, the rule of law, diplomacy, and freedom for all.

We seek out writers, who are themselves aware, who jettison such labels and deceits and socio-political straight-jackets, and the attendant blood money, in service of the truth. These writers obliterate lies, barriers, false dichotomies, fake information, and hate, to the benefit of life, entire.

Lastly, we offer a relatively clean container, free, mostly, of advertising and sensationalism. This is due mainly to your subscriptions and to our various book advertisers, for whom we are very grateful!

Remember, “It is always darkest before the dawn.”