The Journal Veritas welcomes submissions on national and international politics, The Shift, society, culture, and book reviews. However, please see our Mission Statement with regard to tone. In terms of word length, we welcome submissions of no more than 1,500 words for original news stories, 1,000 words for news analysis, and 750 words for opinion pieces. However, we do accept multipart original news stories.

We expect, that your submissions have been thoroughly proof read with citations either incorporated into the body of the article via hyperlink or properly formatted as footnotes and placed at the end of the article, in square brackets. 

Please know that all submissions are subject to editorial review and that the final headline may be chosen by the editor. Should major editing be required the submission will be returned, until a final, polished copy has been resubmitted for review.

The Journal Veritas prints up to 10 articles per day, seven days a week. All article submissions should be pasted within the body of an email, using simple text formats. All submissions should include a brief bio line. And do let us know if there are any accompany graphics, for which you own the copyright, have fair use access, or own the publishing right to. If the images are not of high enough quality, The Journal Veritas reserves the right to replace them with more appropriate, higher-resolution, graphical files, that relate to the article in question.

Writers retain full copyright of their work published in The Journal Veritas. The Journal Veritas, however, request a one week exclusive, prior to the article being reprinted by other news sites. 

Please send your articles to and please place “Article Submission” in the subject field of the email. 

Thank you for considering The Journal Veritas.